Membership in Moot Court

Students can earn a spot on the Moot Court Board by demonstrating exceptional writing and oral advocacy skills in either the Edwin M. Stanley or George K. Walker intramural moot court competition.  The Stanley and Walker competitions are held each fall and spring, respectively, to coincide with the completion of students’ final writing assignments in Legal Analysis, Writing and Research (LAWR) courses.  Invitations to join the Moot Court Board are issued to the top sixteen finishers in each competition, plus a select few honorable mention qualifiers who exhibited exceptional skill in writing or oral advocacy.

Moot Court Board members elect a leadership panel consisting of Chief Justice, Associate Chief Justice, Marshall and committee chairpersons. Each member serves as a mentor to one or two students involved in the Stanley and Walker competitions, providing tips for success in the oral advocacy component of the competitions. Members also grade the briefs of Stanley and Walker competitors and serve as judges in the preliminary rounds of each competition.

Additionally, each member will complete his or her obligation to the Moot Court Board by participating in a national or international moot court competition, researching and writing future moot court problems for use in the intramural competitions, or chairing either the Stanley or Walker competition.